Used Savant SC 250

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A benchtop centrifugal evaporator, a combination vacuum and centrifugation system for sample solvent evaporation without foaming or bumping.

– TEFLON-coated vapor path, enlarged vacuum port accelerates the evaporative process
– 4 interior IR heat lamps and heated glass lid for preventing condensation while facilitating evaporation of high-boiling point solvents
– 3 LCD displays for monitoring parameters
– Dual vacuum control of RAMP and LEVEL eliminates samples from bumping and/or freezing
– Accommodates carriers holding various tube and vial rotor blocks, in addition to 96 well plates

– Temperature Settings: Off, 45°C to 80°C in 5°C increments
– Vacuum Control: 20 torr to 100 mtorr
– Timer Setting: 1 min to 9 hours and 59 minutes, continuous