Used Cannon Instrument Company CT2000 Constant Temperature Bath

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A constant temperature bath designed to maintain the accurate environmental control for kinematic viscosity measurements.

– Designed for use with alcohols, oils, and silicones for low viscosity as bath fluids
– Conforms to ASTM D 445 testing standards
– Built-in platinum resistance thermometer
– Membrane keypad selection of temperature to two decimal places, 20-character backlit LCD display for temperature and status readout
– Built-in cooling coil for external chiller or tap water cooling

– Capable of maintaining temperatures 10 to 100°C within 0.01°C, 101 to 150° within 0.03°C, overtemperature protection
– Apertures for insertion of up to 7 viscometer tubes and 2 thermometers
– Chamber: 300 mm Ø x 300 mm cylindrical Pyrex vessel
– RS232 and RS485 communication ports for data acquisition and networking