Used Olympus IMT-2

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The Olympus IMT-2 is an inverted microscope capable of a number of imaging techniques. As an inverted microscope, the operator is given the ability to image and observe microorganisms in a more natural environment in their vessels or dishes, thus eliminating the need for placing specimen on slides. The microscope comes with the ability for imaging in brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, and differential interference contrast (DIC). While standard imaging such as Kohler illumination will allow for clear images, DIC provides a higher resolution for transparent specimen such as tissue cells by increasing contrast and highlighting specimen edges. In addition to the listed imaging techniques, the IMT-2 also contains an attachment for fluorescent imaging. While not standard to the instrument, a fluorescent bulb can be incorporated into the microscope to add increased functionality and imaging abilities.

The IMT-2 is built with a revolving nosepiece containing six objectives for a range of magnifications. Illumination is provided by a halogen light bulb. The stage for the microscope has X-Y moving capabilities for moving the specimen in front of the objective lens. As is the case with other inverted microscopes, vertical focusing is made possible via this adjustable objective lens. Images are viewed via a binocular head that is placed at a 45 degree angle for ergonomic function. Imaging through cameras is also made possible on the IMT-2. Multi-tube paths are available via two ports on the microscope: one front and one side port. The paths allow for photomicrographic equipment as well as other attachments for multi-tube paths.

Item-Specific Notes:
Included components:
– large flat stage plate
– (2) WHK 10X/20 mm FOV eyepieces
– side-by-side dual-viewing tube with 2 binocular bodies
– S Plan 5PL/0.13
– S Plan 10X PL/0.30
– LWD CD Plan 20X PL/0.40 CORR
– LWD CD Plan 40X PL/0.60 CORR
– ULWCD 0.30 long-working distance turret-type brightfield/phase contrast condenser
– 6 V, 30 W halogen illuminator with built-in power supply