Used Waters ACQUITY UPLC System

Item ID: 8002724
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The Waters Acquity UPLC is a next-generation liquid chromatography system with enhanced sensitivity, solvent efficiency, and versatility. Its technology is based on using sub-2 micrometer particles as opposed to sub-5 micrometer particles. With this new foundation, the Acquity achieves 70% higher resolution, three times the efficiency, and nine times the throughput of traditional high performance liquid chromatography. Although the Acquity utilizes smaller columns and particles, it still supports existing HPLC methods and can be used with third-party mass spectrometers.

Maximum number of solvents: 4
Flow rate: 0.010 – 20.000 mL/min
Composition range: 0.0 – 100.0%
Injection volume: 0.5 – 50 microliters
Maximum sample capacity: 768 in 2 x 384 well plates
Minimum sample required: 5 microliters
Column heating range: 5 degrees over ambient – 65 degrees Celsius

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
8002725WatersAcquity / Sample OrganizerArrayArray
8002726WatersAcquity / Sample Manager - FLArrayArray
8002727WatersAcquity / Binary Solvent Manager 186015001ChromatographyPump
8002728WatersAcquity / PDA Detector 186015026ChromatographyDetector
8002729WatersAcquity / QDa DetectorChromatographyDetector
8002730LenovoThinkVisionComputer / ITMonitor
8002731LenovoThinkStation S30 ComputerComputer / ITMonitor