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The Wallac Victor 2 is a high performance multilabel plate reader. This versatile instrument is designed for multitasking, and its ability to perform counting measurements in more than ten different modes on the same protocol makes it ideal for any non-isotopic assay. The Victor 2 can accommodate plates in formats between 6 and 864 wells (1536 for fluorescence and TRF), as well as slides, Petri dishes, filters, and membranes. It offers a fluorescence range of 340 nm to 850 nm (both dual ratio and top down readings) and an eight slide filter wheel with an interchangeable mechanism. Luminescence assays can be done as either dual or glow, and flash luminescence is available with an injector upgrade. This comprehensive system is ideal for all light emitting and light absorbing detection technologies, including time resolved fluorometry and flash absorbance. Standard features of the Victor 2 include a scanning function as well as shaking in linear, orbital, and double orbital settings.

Due to its configuration, this detection platform is able to function as either a standalone benchtop unit or as an integrated component of a more complex robotic system, and is compatible with various other modules such as injectors for fluorescence and flash luminescence, dispensers, temperature controls, and input and output plate stackers for added productivity. It is an ideal platform for an array of applications including, but not limited to, cell viability and proliferation, cytotoxicity, gene expression, RNA quantification, immunoassays, and enzyme kinetics. Windows workstation software provides a user-friendly interface for defining protocols and integrating with other automated systems, making the Victor 2 as convenient as it is flexible.

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