Used Waters Micromass LCT Premier XE

Item ID: 2034505
Manufacturer: Model: Micromass LCT Premier XECategory: Mass SpectrometrySubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Price: $19,999.00(Price does not include shipping and packaging costs.)
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Waters Micromass LCT Premier XE

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2034509WatersAcquity / Binary Solvent Manager 186015001ChromatographyPump
2034506WatersAcquity / Bottle TrayChromatographyAccessory
2034510LenovoThinkcentreComputer / ITComputer
2034507WatersAcquity / TUV Detector 186015028ChromatographyDetector
2034512EdwardsE1M18 Vacuum PumpPumpVacuum Pump
2034508WatersAcquity / Sample Manager 186015005ChromatographyAuto Sampler
2034511LenovoThinkVisionComputer / ITMonitor
2034513EdwardsE2M28PumpVacuum Pump