Used Astell Scientific 153 Liter Front Loading Autoclave

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Manufacturer: Model: 153 Liter Front Loading AutoclaveCategory: Autoclave / SterilizerSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The Astell Scientific front-loading autoclave is an intelligent autoclave with advanced software and memory capabilities that streamline glassware, media, and instrument sterilization. From its 5.7″ color touchscreen controller, you can access the internal memory that stores history up to 5000 cycles and can customize cleaning programs.

Capacity: 153 L
Chamber material: electropolished 316 stainless steel
Additional features: five password levels, USB interface, timed/pulsed free steaming, holdwarm/delayed start, Swiftlock door mechanism, safety valve test, emergency stop, cooling lock, external pressure gauge