Used Zeiss Stemi SV11 APO M2Bio

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The Zeiss M2Bio is an innovative hybrid stereo-compound fluorescence microscope with continuous zoom. This instrument is ideal for transgenic sorting and observation needs. Rotating the turret switches between stereo macro and compound micro imaging. The ability to combine the ergonomics of stereo observation and high-resolution microscopic observation in a single microscope offers enormous improvements in time management for researchers studying fluorescent proteins such as GFP, YFP and BFP. Now you can sort larger populations in stereoscopic mode and simply pivot the objective system into position for high-magnification detailed observation. No need to move your sample to a different microscope, risk damaging the specimen, and inevitably lose your area of interest.

Any group studying Zebra Fish, Drosophila or C. elegans will find this instrument to be invaluable, making their investigators’ jobs easier while saving their lab time and money.

Item-Specific Notes:

– Zeiss SV11 Stereo Microscope body
– Trinocular Phototube
– (2) PL10X/18 Focusing Eyepieces
– Zeiss S1.6X Stereo Objective
– Kramer HR10X/0.45 LD Compound Microscope Objective
– Zeiss Axiocam MRm camera
– Kramer M2Bio Micro/Macro System for Fluorescence W/ 3 Filter Cubes
– GFP Filter Cube
– Yellow Filter Cube
– DS Red Filter Cube
– Zeiss HBO100W Mercury Illuminator and Power Supply
– Large Transmitted Light mirror base with ACE Fiber Optic Illuminator

Components Included

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8002352LEJebq 100 IsolatedMicroscopyAccessory
8002353Kramer Scientific CorporationAce EKE Fiber Optic Light SourceMicroscopyIlluminator