Used Kaiser RXN1-785 Raman RXN System

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The Kaiser Optical Systems RamanRxn1 is a high-resolution, compact Raman spectrometer. Its unique f/1.8 axial transmissive spectrograph aids in collecting over six times as much light in its 1024 x 256 element CCD detector as opposed to traditional Czerny-Turner designs. Also, its interchangeable grating modules allow the scientist to choose the desired resolution for their analyses.

Standard laser wavelengths: 532 nm and 785 nm
Spectral coverage: 100 – 4375 cm-1; 100 – 3425 cm-1
Probe options: in situ, real-time fiber-optic; alloy C276 immersion optics; high pressure extruder optic; non-contact optics
Dimensions: 23″ w x 18″ l x 8″ h