Used Thermo Fisher Scientific 370 Steri-Cycle CO2 Incubator

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The Thermo Fisher Scientific 370 Steri-Cycle CO2 incubator provides precise temperature control and eliminates unwanted airborne contaminants. The 370 Steri-Cycle CO2 incubator offers both thermal conductivity (TC) or infrared (IR) sensor, as well as a 140 degrees Celsius decontamination cycle. Additionally, an in-chamber HEPA air filtration system continuously removes particulates.

The 370 Steri-Cycle CO2 incubator also contains an easy to clean stainless-steel interior and stainless-steel shelves and support that can be removed without tools.

Type: Double-stack
Temperature range: 5 degrees Celsius over ambient to 50 degrees Celsius
CO2 range: 0 to 20%
Cycle length: 14 hr
Total capacity: 6.5 cubic feet
Humidity control: <90% at 37 degrees Celsius
Exterior dimensions: 25" L x 26.3" W x 39.5" H
Interior dimensions: 20" D x 21.3" W x 26.8" H
Power requirements: 115 V, 50/60 Hz

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