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The Automated Spiral Plater by Don Whitley Scientific is a spiral plater that eliminates the need for manual colony plating and serial dilutions. With an adjustable speed of the turntable, the sample dilution is delivered to a rotating agar plate in a standard Archimedes spiral pattern. Given that concentrations will automatically lower on the outside of the pattern, the need for manual serial dilutions is eliminated. Colony forming microbe counts are easily executed on the outside of the spiral, facilitating comparisons to other plates with differing qualities. Because it is unnecessary to manually produce serial dilutions, costs for consumables are dramatically reduced. In addition to saving resources, greater accuracy and precision between compared plates is provided. This is due to only one microbial solution being produced for each sample, reducing the errors that can occur with slight inaccuracies in manual dilutions.

The Spiral Plater automates many functions, including the loading of samples, inoculation of plates, and sterilization. All of these are performed with the execution of single commands from the operator. Such commands are accessible from a membrane keypad on the front of the instrument. This keypad is capable of managing a wide range of parameters that are all programmable by the operator. Applications for this range of parameters make the instrument well suited for areas in cosmetics, food testing, and environmental testing. A primary application is the checking of bacterial levels for the safety of food and water, though is also a valuable tool for quality testing in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Includes Vacuum Source 602 as pictured.

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