Used Gilson 306 Pump

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Gilson 306 Pump. A reciprocating pump slave unit with single-piston interchangeable head, constant stroke and fast refill motion, internal pulse dampener, and pressure feedback. Designed for isocratic to gradient analytical and preparative HPLC.

Can be configured for use in a sample prep GPC or GPC/SPE system. Flow Rate Range: 10 µL/min to 200 mL/min. Accuracy: < ±1%. Repeatability: < ±1. Liquid-Contact Materials: 316L stainless steel, titanium, sapphire, ruby, ceramic, PTFE, PCTFE, and HDPE.

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes 306 Pump, 805 Manometric Module, 811D, 845Z Injection Module, 506C System Interface Module, and accessories as pictured.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2034175Gilson306 PumpChromatographyPump
2034176Gilson805 Manometric ModuleChromatographyPump
2034178Gilson845Z Injection ModuleLiquid HandlingInjection Module
2034179Gilson506C System Interface Module ChromatographyController
2034180GilsonAccessoriesLiquid HandlingAutomated System Accessory