Used Zeiss Axio Observer A1

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The Zeiss Axio Observer Inverted Research Microscope has been developed to provide the maximum flexibility in live cell techniques. It is a fully integrated Instrument for Cell Observation, Cell Manipulation and Cellular Analysis. It represents the ideal platform for Cell Culture, Fluorescence and Digital imaging.

Item-Specific Notes:
This unit has bright field, phase contrast , Nomarski differential interference contrast, and fluorescence. There is an X-Cite 120 Fluorescent light source. It has filter sets for FITC, Rhodamine and Dapi plus an Optovar Magnification Changer in the reflector turret.

It includes an incredible set of objectives:
Plan Neofluar 10X.0.30 PH1
LD Plan Neofluar 20X/0.40 PH2 Korr
Plan Neofluar 40X/0.60 Ph2
Plan Neofluar 63X/0.75 PH2 Korr

It has the DIC equipment for the 40X and 63X objectives. There is a Zeiss Axiocam HSc Camera, computer and software. It also has an Eppendorf Transferman NK2 micromanipulator and an Eppendorf Celltram microinjector. It sits on a Vistek passive antivibration platform.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2034070DellFlat Screen MonitorComputer / ITMonitor
2034071Photonic SolutionsXI120-XL EXFO X-Cite 120 Series IlluminatorMicroscopyIlluminator
2034072EppendorfTransferMan NK2MicroscopyMicromanipulator
2034073MicroData Instruments, Inc. (MDI)PMP-102 Micropipette PullerMass SpectrometryNeedle / Pipette Puller
2034074EppendorfCellTram VarioLiquid HandlingInjection Module
2034069DellOptiplex 755Computer / ITComputer