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The Luminex 200 is a multiplex particle analyzer suited for analysis of a variety of assays. Utilizing technology based in flow cytometry, this instrument is capable of detecting up to 100 analytes in a single well. Samples are easily screened when placed in 96-well microplates, therefore requiring only a small amount of liquid volume per sample. Analytes are detected via fluorescence with the help of microspheres. Specifically designed for xMAP microspheres, up to 100 of these fluorescently dyed polystyrene microspheres are available for the identification of an equal variety of analytes. These spheres form not only the basis of identification, but also the surface from which to build an assay. Thanks to an open platform design, a wide range of assay analyses can be carried out by this system. These include nucleic acid assays, enzymatic assays, and immunoassays.

Detection of samples is executed by the flow cytometry instrumentation built in to the Luminex 200. This is again based on xMAP technology and includes all laser, optical, fluidics, and signal processor components. These combine to deliver fast and cost effective results for all bioassays observed. Fast results and analytical flexibility make this instrument well-suited for both clinical and research labs.

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Includes:Luminex SD, Computer and monitor

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2033112LuminexXYPCell Counting / SortingOther
2033113LuminexLuminex SDCell Counting / SortingController
2033114DTx90498 ComputerComputer / ITComputer
2033117DellMonitorComputer / ITMonitor