Used Microfluidics M-110L Microfluidizer

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The Microfluidics M-110L Microfluidizer provides high-performance, scalable processing for lab-volume micro-emulsions, cell disruption, and micro-encapsulation. It allows for easy separation and recovery by rupturing cell walls with shearing forces that do not destroy cell contents. The Microfluidics M-110L Microfluidizer achieves high pressure with low air draw and can use standard laboratory air to reduce costs.

Pressure range: 206-1241 bar (3000-18000 psi)
Flow rate range: up to 270 ml/min
Feed temperature range: 25 degrees celsius to 75 degrees celsius
Minimum sample size: 14 ml
Dimensions: 23″ L x 15″ W x 26″ H
Weight: 58 lbs