Used The Baker Company SG 403

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The SterilGARD III Advance SG403 is a robust and secure biological safety cabinet. It offers a stainless steel metal diffuser below the HEPA filter to create a faster airflow and an effective air barrier. The design also provides high velocity return air slots to maximize protective capability. The SterilGARD III Advance SG403 prevents air contamination by surrounding the positive pressure plenum with a negative pressure area. This functionality ensures particles are passed through the blower and trapped in the HEPA filter.
Additionally, the SterilGARD III Advance SG403 construction contains features such as, all-metal plenums, cabinet exterior panels, air balance adjustment options, easy filter access, and stainless steel work surface to enhance durability, safety, and productivity.

Item-Specific Notes:
Class II Type A/B3. Includes stand.