Used Leica Autostainer XL

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Efficient, high throughput automated slide stainer designed to be an integral component in today�s laboratory. Multiple staining protocols can be run simultaneously with up to 11 slide racks at the same time.

A continuous loading system ensures optimal utilization of the instrument, especially during longer staining procedures. A unique feature of the LEICA AUTOSTAINER XL is the ability to perform several different staining protocols simultaneously. Thus a special staining, for example, can be performed parallel to a routine H & E staining.

A higher operational capacity and a design in accordance with international safety standards make the LEICA AUTOSTAINER XL the instrument of choice for the histopathological laboratory.

Continuous loading – can load up to 11 racks (with 30 slides per rack) while processing.
Can stain over 150 slides per hour with typical H&E protocols.
Simultaneous staining of several different protocols – can select any compatible program for each rack.
Self contained fume control with replaceable filter.
Easy to operate, compact design.