Used Thermo Electron Corporation 7400 CryoPlus 1

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Manufacturer: Model: 7400 CryoPlus 1Category: Cold StorageSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Price: $2,499.00(Price does not include shipping and packaging costs.)
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The Thermo Electron Corporation 7400 CyroPlus 1 is a compact, reliable cold storage system. It features microprocessor technology for precise control and customizable programs. Additionally, the multi-colored bar graph on the front of the cabinet indicates the liquid level inside the chamber, the high level, and the low level. The 7400 CyroPlus 1 also offers an internal real-time clock to enable alarms, activate program changes, and print current system status relevant to the actual time and date of occurence.

Capacity: 90 L
Maximum number of racks: 6
Maximum vial capacity: 6,318
Dimensions: 41.0″ H x 21.5″ W x 26.0″ L