Used Nikon SMZ745 Microscope

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This Nikon SMZ745 is a high quality research grade Greenough stereo microscope. It will be an excellent addition to almost any biological research laboratory. It combines a wide field of view with a 7.5:1 zoom ratio. Magnifications range from 6.7X to 50X and a 115 MM working distance with the built-in optics. When it includes the optional 0.7X auxiliary lens, it provides 4.7X – 35X magnification and a working distance of 150mm. This lens, when combined with the 4 Quadrant Controllable LED Ring Illuminator and a large, comfortable base, constitutes a configuration suitable for small animal surgery or micro-dissection.

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes base and illuminator as pictured

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8001449FiberLiteMI-152FCO Capra Optical CO-150MicroscopyIlluminator