Used Leica CM 1950-11-0-1-1-1 Cryostat

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Manufacturer: Model: CM 1950-11-0-1-1-1 CryostatCategory: HistologySubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The Leica CM1950 cryostat provides high-quality sectioning while enhancing workflows and improving user safety. The CyroZone system maintains the ideal object temperature by circulating cool air around the specimen, anti-roll guide, and knife. The Leica CM1950 also offers vibration-free section to increase the stability of the high-precision microtome and blade holder system.

The Leica CM1950 amplifies workflow efficiency with easy-to-use control panels and programmable specimen orientation. The distinct function keys and clearly readable LEDs prevent operating errors, facilitate cryosectioning, and eliminate the need to scroll through multiple menus. Additionally, the Leica CM1950 offers faster specimen alignment with a customizable zero-position.

The Leica CM1950 focuses on user-safety by preventing contamination with built-in UVC disinfection, ensuring blade-handling safety with the new blade removal aid and colored safety guard, and reducing injuries with rounded edges and glare-free illumination.

Microtome section thickness range:1 to 100 micrometers
Maximum specimen size: 50 x 80 mm
Total specimen feed: 25 mm
Cryochamber temperature range: 0 degrees Celsius to negative 35 degrees Celsius at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius
Automatic cryochamber defrosting: 1 defrost in 24 h or manual hot gas defrost in 12 minutes
Dimensions: 33″ W x 32″ D x 48″ H

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes manual as pictured.