Used Sharp Packaging Systems Max 12 Bagger Continuous Roll Bagging System

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Manufacturer: Model: Max 12 Bagger Continuous Roll Bagging SystemSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The Sharp Packaging Max 12 continuous roll bagging system increases overall throughput with a fast bagging rate of 50 bags per minute. The lightweight aluminum jaw reduces cycle times and enhances movement. Heavy duty drive fingers do not bend even when tugging at bags, so there is no need to realign. The Sharp Packaging Max 12 can also run multiple applications using both horizontal and vertical loading capabilities.

Additionally, the Sharp Packaging Max 12 provides a cost-efficient alternative by reducing scrap and material cost through removing queuing and using a movable printing head. It also reduces thermal ribbon usage by 90% with ribbon consumption tools.

Rate: 50 bags per minute
Bag width range: 2″ – 20″
Bag length range: 3.5″ – 32″
Film gauge range: 1 mil – 4 mil
Roll diameter: 10″, 14″, or fan folded in box
Dimensions: 45.3″ W x 39.7″ L x 40.1″-46.3″ H
Weight 292 lbs