Used Genevac HT-4X Series II. Evaporation System

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The Genevac HT-4X Series II evaporation system combines advanced functionality with ease of use to provide high-performance and efficient sample processing. Standard systems include an evaporation chamber and rotor combined with a built-in cryopump-condenser unit. Solid-state case heaters and CoolHeat radiant lamps heat the chambers and samples to provide faster and more accurate drying. Also, its available Dri-Pure control settings prevent sample loss when anticipating undesirable bumping.

The integrated LCD screen displays annotated plots for temperature and pressure, run progress, and adjustable options. The adjacent keyboard and arrow controls can easily input settings, such as run time, rotor temperature, and chamber temperature. Additional settings such as chamber control, sample holder and temperature, vacuum ramping rate, chamber pressure, rotor speed, and run time can be customized by a connected PC. Alternatively, it features auto-programming that automatically detects a solvent or mixture, then sets the associated parameters.

The end of a run can be programmed automatically or manually with a simple time setting. Heat Flow and Sample Detection methods can predict and automatically program the end of a run.
Evaporation profiles can be stored and linked together to perform multi-stage runs or iterative loops. It can store up to 100 different profiles with a maximum single run time of below 100 hours. These plug-and-play features with extensive customization options help ensure minimum sample loss and maximum technician productivity.

Maximum rotor speed: 1300 standard, 1800 Dri-Pure
Maximum force: 300-500 G
Drive system: direct
Operational imbalance: 85 g
Maximum load: 8.9 lb x 3.1 lb when at 500 x g
Weight: 260.1 lb

Minimum temperature: -50 degrees celsius.
Maximum temperature: 60 degrees celsius
Vacuum pot capacity: 2.3 L
Exhaust pot capacity: 0.4 L
Condenser level detector: no
Condenser chamber: 316 stainless steel
Condenser drain valve: stainless steel/ PTFE
Electrical requirements: power supply single phase 308 V, 60 HZ, 9 A
Evaporator dimensions: 23.3″ W x 25.2″ D x 23.3″ H
Scroll pump dimensions: 20.9″ W x 12.1″ D x 15.7″ H
CVP pump dimensions: 21.3″ W x 11.5″ D x 16″ H