Used Perkin Elmer LabChip GX Touch HT

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The LabChip GX Touch HT provides unparalleled data quality and a rapid analysis of genomic material with results in as little as 30 seconds. DNA and RNA quantitation can be completed hours faster than with agarose gels using automated capillary electrophoresis separation. The microfluidic technology offers a reproducible, high-resolution alternative to time-consuming agarose gel workflows and provides exact sizing and quantitation of DNA fragments and smears down to 5 bp from samples as small as 2 pg/uL. When used for RNA analysis, the LabChip GX Touch HT supplies essential RNA metrics such as peak areas, peak heights, and concentration to determine a RQS for each sample.

The LabChip GX Touch HT is a cost-effective solution with flexible throughput options for 96-well and 384-well formats. It preserves precious samples and retains a high degree of sensitivity even when concentrations are low by offering a variety of DNA analysis options with minimal input requirements.

Maximum sample quantity: 384 well format
Minimum sample size: 25 pg/uL for DNA smears and .5 pg/uL for fragments
Dimensions: 19.3″ D x 20.1″ W
Maximum run time: 30 seconds
Applications: NGS 3k assay, cfDNA, gDNA, PCR-free quantitation