Used Leica ASP330S Enclosed Vacuum Tissue Processor

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The Leica ASP330S is an easy-to-use, reliable vacuum tissue processor that enhances laboratory workflow and prevents sample loss. It offers the ability to automatically start the most commonly run programs and adjust scheduling functions, such as extending certain program steps using the Smart Scan function on the touch-screen interface. This reduces user intervention and shortens overall turnaround times by using pre-stored rapid protocols for biopsies. Additionally, it also offers full process control to set all critical program parameters, including modifying pressure levels inside the retort to further control tissue infiltration. To further ensure superior specimen quality, it achieves minimal reagent carryover with the software-controlled three strep draining process of the retort and by the retort design itself.

The ASP330S also allows you to analyze critical data at a glance using the Reagent Management System (RMS). The RMS ensures that all reagents and paraffin are automatically used in the order of cleanliness. After a programmable time period, the RMS will warn that reagents need to be refilled. The RMS will automatically perform the fill/drain process when a color-coded reagent bottle is selected. The RMS ensures high-quality specimens and simultaneously reduces the cost of instrument operation through reagent usage.

It also includes specimen protection by applying contingency plans whenever unexpected outcomes occur and provides real-time process data about key instrument settings, such as current filing status, temperature and pressure inside the retort, and paraffin bath temperature.

Maximum capacity (metal basket): 300 cassettes
Maximum capacity (microwaveable plastic basket): 252 cassettes
Number of paraffin baths: 3
Number of reagent bottles: 10
Maximum reagent bottle volume: 4.3 L
Dimensions: 24″ W x 27″ D x 52″ H
Weight: 352.74 lbs

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Includes manuals, and accessories as pictured.

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