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The BTX Gemini X2 is designed for electroporating cell types in all forms to allow advanced design and control. It provides application flexibility by offering square wave pulses and exponential decay waves in a single unit, a wide voltage delivery and pulse length range, and multiple pulsing capabilities. It also prevents precious sample loss using the pre-pulse resistance measurement system that assures sample resistance is within the acceptable range.

The BTX Gemini X2 contains a simple touch-screen user interface with programmable protocols and unlimited protocol storage. It also displays precise voltage, pulse length and time constant, and pulse interval to allow for visual confirmation and provide highly accurate pulsing.

Voltage delivery range: 5 V to 3000 V
Pulse width range: 10 microseconds to 5 seconds
Pulse interval: 100 milliseconds to 10 seconds
Dimensions: 12.75″ H x 11.25″ W x 8.5″ D
Weight: 15 lbs
Applications (curvette & 96 well): In Vitro cell transfection/transformation; siRNA/RNA/miRNA; DNA

Applications (specialty electrodes):
– In Vivo gene and drug delivery
– In Ovo gene and drug delivery
– In Utero gene and drug delivery
– Explant tissue gene delivery
– Adherent cell transfection

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes safety dome as pictured.

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