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The BMG POLARstar OPTIMA is a multimode plate reader designed to provide flexibility and reliable performance to research environments. This plate reader offers a range of five reading modes, which includes Fluorescence Polarization, Fluorescence Intensity, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Absorbance from UV-Visible, and both Flash and Glow High-Performance Luminescence. A feature adding flexibility to this reading system is the dual emission detections system. This allows the reader to detect two emitted wavelengths from a sample simultaneously. Being capable of reading two emitted wavelengths makes it well suited for assays using FRET, BRET, and Fluorescence Polarization. Assays using these reads need only one measurement for each wavelength, thus doubling their throughput should multiple wavelengths need to be detected. Applications for this instrument include all major assay types, including biomolecular interaction assays, cell-based assays, quantification assays, and others.

The POLARstar OPTIMA is built with a diversity of valuable features. Smart injectors allow the detection system to continue reading while they dispense reagents into wells. With this capability, initiated kinetic assays can be measured all the way from initiation through completion. This data can be collected at a range of times chosen by the operator, from 50 points/second to 1 point/2.5 hours. Ensuring no stage of reactions goes undetected gives the user a complete and reliable dataset. The instrument is capable of reading microplates for any mode up to 384-wells, though can handle 1536 wells for fluorescence intensity. These plates can be fed through the system manually or through the integration of stackers and robotic handlers.

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