Used Mickle Laboratory Engineering MTC/2E Tissue Chopper

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Manufacturer: Model: MTC/2E Tissue ChopperCategory: Homogenizer / StirrerSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


A tissue preparation apparatus used to cutting slices, cubes, or prisms of tissue for metabolic experiments.

– Machine traverses specimen left to right while a blade is raised and dropped with adjustable force
– Cutting speed variable up to 200 strokes/min
– Designed to work with small or irregular specimens from biopsy or from small organs
– Creates less disturbance than homogenizers and works with fragments that would be difficult to cut with ordinary methods
– Slices up to 1 mm thick or cubes/prisms up to 1 mm cross section
– Prepares sections within 30 seconds
– Stepless variation of slice thickness with micrometer head