Used Thermo Scientific Versette 6 Position Stage Automated Liquid Handler

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The Thermo Scientific Versette 6 Position Stage Automated Liquid Handler provides reliable performance with a user-friendly interface in a compact size. It is compatible with 96 and 384 channel pipettes with a total volume range of 0.5 to 300 microliters. All pipetting heads can be easily interchanged quickly without using any tools.

The compact size minimizes space requirements, but the unit still features six different plate positions using an innovative dual-level structure. This design permits a variety of liquid handling tasks for a wide range of applications including plate stamping, plate reformatting, serial dilution, and other applications in low to high-throughput laboratories.

Additionally, the intuitive programming options offer a straightforward approach to creating and running pipetting programs with a simple, icon-based touch screen. The interface provides easy navigation through the extensive labware library and precise controlling options for various liquid handling applications.

Volume range: 0.5-300 microliters (depending on the pipetting head)
Pipetting resolution: Increments of 0.1 microliters
Dimensions: 27″ H x 27″ W x 22″ D
Weight: 152 lbs (not including pipetting head)
Electrical requirements: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

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8000923Thermo ScientificVersette Pump UnitPumpPeristaltic Pump
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