Used Olympus SZX7

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Manufacturer: Model: SZX7Category: MicroscopySubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


A Current Model, Research Grade Stereoscopic microscope with Long Working Distance Objective used for three-dimensional specimen observation.

– High-quality Galilean optics with two (right/left) independent and parallel zoom optical paths

– System expandability and a wide 7:1 zoom ratio for work versatility

– Ergonomic observation tube design for reduced operator fatigue

– Digital imaging and documentation support

– Macro-to-micro versatility, covers a zoom magnification range of 8x to 56x with 1x objective (NOT INCLUDED) A variety of other objective lenses available.

Item-Specific Notes:
-(2) WHSZ10X/22 Widefield Focusing Eyepieces

-DF PL 0.5X Objective (171mm Working Distance, 4X – 28X Total Magnification)

-SZ2-ST Stand with built-in Focus

-SZ2-ET Auxilliary Sleeve

-Large, black metal plate for accommodating larger specimens without tipping (Removeable)

-This Instrument is in very good condition