Used Kent Scientific Genie Plus Syringe Pump

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The Kent Scientific Genie Plus is a reversible single-syringe pump that infuses or withdraws according to a set rate or volume. Other features include a power fail mode, automatic calibration, and nonvolatile memory for syringe diameter, flow rate, and configuration settings.

Syringe size: 0.5 uL – 50/60 mL
Flow rate: 0.0028 uL/hr (with 0.5 uL syringe) – 53.11 mL/min (with 50/60 mL syringe)
Maximum pressure: 8 psi (with 50/60 mL syringe); 100 psi (with 1 mL syringe)
Dimensions: 4.5″ h x 9″ w x 4.5″ d