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The Eagle Eye� II still video system is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art still video imaging system for molecular biology documentation, providing excellent visualization of nucleic acid gels stained with ethidium bromide
(EtBr) or other fluorescent dyes, protein gels stained with silver or Coomassie� Brilliant Blue, fluorescent CAT assays, autoradiographs, and plaque trays.1,2
The high-resolution charge-coupled device (CCD) camera fixed on top of the Eagle Eye II still video system detects as little as 0.25 ng of DNA, a fourfold improvement over conventional gel photography systems. The
captured image is printed on a standard thermal printer (10 � 7.5-cm print area) and is ready in approximately 20 seconds at one-sixth the cost of a standard instant photographic print, with additional prints available at the
touch of a button. The Eagle Eye II still video system includes an overhead white light assembly. An optional overhead UV-light assembly is available for the
Eagle Eye Darkroom Cabinet. An optional filter stacker that accommodates up to three 50-mm-diameter filters is also available. These filters are inserted into the imaging path to isolate the wavelength of interest and block background light sources.

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