Used Gilson Valvemate

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The Gilson VALVEMATE Valve Actuator automates HPLC and LC techniques to save time, extend column life, and reduce consumable waste. It controls high-pressure and low-pressure valves to facilitate a wide range of column switching and LC applications. It easily integrates into any system with RS-232 ports, and is compatible with valves from manufacturers such as Rheodyne and Hamilton for myriad configurations.

Additional specifications:

• Controls one multiport/multiposition valve or operates in concert with additional VALVEMATE actuators when two or more valves are required
• Controls Rheodyne six- and ten-port high-pressure valves with up to six positions

• Controls Hamilton and Rheodyne low-pressure valves ranging from four to eight ports and up to eight positions

• Easy to integrate into any system with RS-232 control; contact closure inputs and Gilson Serial Input/Output Channel (GSIOC) interface available