Used Gambro BCT Elutra Cell Separation System No. 71800

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The Elutra Cell Separation System separates cell populations into high-purity products without the use of gradient solutions or magnetic beads. It passes fluid through the cell layer established within a centrifugal field inside the separation camber. By varying the flow of fluid in the opposite direction to the centrifugal force, the system aligns and collects particles according to size (smallest to largest) and density (lower to higher) to increase the resolution of cell separation.

The Elutra Cell Separation System can perform up to nine multistep separation profiles at once to provide flexibility and versatility. It delivers cell enrichment or depletion in a functionally closed system with disposable tubing sets to minimize setup time and reduce the risk of contamination. The unique conical separation chamber allows for consistent processing of cellular starting material in a single run.

Separation chamber volume: 40 mL
Maximum number of collection bags: 6
Centrifuge speed: 300 rpm to 2,600 rpm
Pump flow rates: 0 mL/min to 150 mL/min
Elutriation media volume: 500 mL to 12,000 mL
Fraction collection capability: 12
Dimensions: 71″ H x 26.7″ D x 27.6″ W
Weight: 389 lbs

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes manuals, tube sealer and accessories as pictured

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