Used Zeiss Axioskop 20

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The Zeiss Axioskop 20 upright microscope is designed for a wide range of laboratory, clinical and research applications. This Instrument will be a great addition for any Biological Lab. The Axioskop 20 combines optical and mechanical stability of research class instruments with the added convenience of an ergonomic design. It is equipped with three Planapochromat objectives and a 40X Plan-Neofluar Pol objective. Zeiss Plan-Apochromat objectives are world renowned for being the most highly corrected lenses available. This Axioskop 20 can produce images of unparalleled quality at a fraction of the cost of a new instrument.

Item-Specific Notes:
Zeiss Axioskop 20 stand with 6 Place Nosepiece

Mechanical stage with specimen holder and low position coaxial controls

0.9 NA Pol Condenser with Swing-Out Front Lens

Plan-Apo 5X/0.16

Plan-Apo 10X/0.32

Plan-Apo 20X/ 0.60

Plan-Neofluar 40X/0.85 Pol

(2) E-Pl 10X/20 Eyepieces