Used Eppendorf 5417C

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The high performance Eppendorf 5417 C spins up to 25,000 x g for quick and efficient pelletization. This model offers unsurpassed safety, reliability, and ease of use. The 5417 C is designed for use on the lab bench or in a cold room and can accommodate a variety of microcentrifuge rotors to extend application range.

Maximum speed: 16,400 RPM

Memory storage: user programs

Timer range: 99 minutes, continuous

Dimensions: 9″ h x 13″ w x 17″ l

Additional features:

– Variable-speed, brushless motor for maintenance-free operation

Speed setting and display in either RPM or RCF increments

– Adjustable-speed “momentary” button for quick spins

– “Soft Start/Stop” function protects delicate samples

– Automatic rotor detection system senses the rotor and indicates maximum permissible speed

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes F45-30-11 Rotor and manual as pictured.

Components Included

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8000013EppendorfF45-30-11 Rotor CentrifugesRotor