Used Leica MZ6 Stereo Microscope

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The BX51 is a robust fluorescence imaging system that provides crisp images over a range of wavelengths and magnifications. The solid, heavy Y-shaped stand provides exceptional stability and viewing comfort. UIS2 Optics ensure superb performance over an extended range of wavelengths resulting in images at all magnifications that are flat, sharp, clear, high
contrast and free from color shift. The 6 Position Reflector Turret can hold filter sets for FITC, DAPI and Rhodamine. The 6 Position reversed nosepiece has a built-in slot allowing you to add DIC or simple polarized light at a later date.

Item-Specific Notes:
U PlanFLN 4X/0.13
UPlanFLN 10X/0.3
U PlanFLN 20X/0.50
UPlanFLN 40X/0.75
PlanApo 60X/1.42 Oil

Includes –

BX51 TF stand
U-TR30-2 Trinocular Tube
(2) WHN10X/22 Eyepieces
U-D6RE 6 Place Nosepiece with slot for DIC/Simple POL
U-SVRB-4 Right Hand Mechanical Stage
U-HLST-4 Specimen Holder
U-AC2 Abbe Condenser
U-LH100 12V, 100W Lamp House
HBO 100W Mercury Lamp House
HBO 100W Power Supply
Dust Cover
QImaging Retiga-2000RV Cooled 12Bit Monochrome CCD Camera, Firewire, 2.0MP
CRI Liquid Crystal Device in Slider
Lenovo ThinkCenter Computer and Monitor and Q Capture Suite X64 Software

Components Included

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2032660Chiu Techical CorpFO-150 Lumina LIght SourceMicroscopyIlluminator