Used Quad View Optical Insights - Quad View Optics Filter

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Dual-View™/Quad-View™ for fluorescence imaging Whether your application requires complex ratio imaging or simple multi-color imaging The Dual-View™ and Quad-View™ systems have been designed to meet your needs. When coupled to a microscope, these systems provide true simultaneous imaging of multiple fluorophores. Since there is no time delay between the acquired images, this novel system is well suited to biological imaging applications where cell motion or rapid photobleaching is problematic. Simultaneous acquisition of 2 to 4 fluorescence emission images in a single snapshot Easily mounted to any microscope and CCD Uses standard 25 mm diameter emission and polarization filters Removable filter cube makes configuration for different experiments a snap Pass-Thru option means you can leave system in place for full field-of-view imaging Precision optical and mechanical design allows for sub-pixel image registration and minimizes light loss