Used SPOT - INSIGHT 4.0 mp Firewire Monochrome Camera

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SPOT INSIGHT 4.0 mp Firewire Monochrome Camera Model: 14.5 Monochrome w/o IR Comes with Power Cord and Data Cable. The SPOT Insight Monochrome digital camera provides a wide field of view, allowing more of the sample to be visible in the images and eliminating the need for expensive de-magnifying optics. This versatile camera provides 14-bit digitization and deep pixel wells for high dynamic range. The Insight‘s refined electronic design produces low noise images even when light is limited. Binning, gain and ROI adjustments are supported to increase frame rates when required. The suggested applications for this camera include wide-field monochrome imaging, bright fluorescence, documentation, inspection, and phase contrast studies. Comes with necessary cables! FEATURES: 40 MHz live mode (dual channel 20 MHz) -High speed imaging for real time viewing 2048 x 2048 4.0 Mp image capture -Resolves fine detail Programmable gain (1-20x) -Facilitates live mode previews of low light specimens 14-bit x 20 MHz capture -Extra bit depth is ideal for image enhancement 15.2 mm x 15.2 mm imaging area 21.4 mm FN -Increases the field of view to closely match the field of view in the microscope eyepiece Interline progressive scan CCD