Used Beckman Coulter - Biomek NX S8 Laboratory Automation Workstation

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The Biomek NX Multichannel Laboratory Automation Workstation is a multiaxis liquid-handling instrument used in the life sciences or biomedical laboratory. The open-architecture design, along with the extensible operating software, provides a foundation for integrating current and future specific-use components. The design of the Biomek NX provides the base for continual evolution and expansion of liquid-handling systems.

The Biomek NX Multichannel is equipped with a Multichannel Pod with a pair of grippers for grasping and moving labware. A variety of labware and hardware adapt the deck of the Biomek NX Multichannel to accomplish multiple tasks, ranging from performing simple labware positioning and liquid transfers to completing complex activities that typically require additional devices in the laboratory.

The Beckman Coulter Biomek NX S8 is a multiaxis instrument designed with an open architecture to allow expandability of the system. The design provides a foundation for interchangeable specific-use components, such as the 96-and 384-Channel Heads and a variety of ALPs, and for integrating additional devices, such as detectors and washers. A gripper is installed on the Multichannel Pod for grasping and moving labware. The Multichannel Pod of Beckman Coulter Biomek NX S8 is a full-microplate replication tool incorporating a gripper and interchangeable heads to accommodate a variety of functions. Interchangeable heads aspirate and dispense liquid using disposable tips. The tip compatibility and maximum aspirate and dispense volumes vary for each head.

Automated Labware Positioners (ALPs) are interchangeable structures that are installed on the Beckman Coulter Biomek NX S8 sim to NXP deck in suitable positions to accommodate a wide variety of labware. ALPs are either active or passive. Passive ALPs hold labware in place or act as receptacles for method by- products or consumables. Active ALPS contain mechanisms that may use power and/or air sources for various mechanical operations, such as the Orbital Shaker and Stirring ALPs

The Beckman Coulter Biomek NX S8 is equipped with protective barriers such as a front light curtain, side protective shields, and an overhead canopy.

Beckman Coulter Biomek NX S8 Software does a substantial amount of the method-building work for you and gives you direct and precise control over the method-building process. The main editor that appears when the software is launched is used to build and configure methods. Each step is dragged and dropped from a Step Palette into the Method View. When a step in the Method View is highlighted, the corresponding configuration options appear in the Step Configuration Area. The method is customized to the desired level of precise control via the editors accessed from the Project and Instrument menus.

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Beckman Coulter Biomek NX S8G Laboratory Automation Workstation Cat. 989886 Used – unit is fully functional. Excellent condition, please see photos for details. Includes everything pictured. Unit will be tested before shipping. Comes with our 30-day, 100% no hassle warranty. Includes: Computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, software, AccuFrame, 1 box w/2 new unopened racks of Biomek Span P1000 Pipette Tips 96 tips/rack (192 tips total), 1 box w/8 new unopened racks of Biomek Span P20 Pipette Tips 96 tips/rack (768 tips total), 5 boxes – 3 with 10 new unopened racks and 2 with 9 unopened racks of ART Robotix Tips 96 tips per rack (4608 tips total).
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