Used Biokit Bio-Flash 3710-0344 Benchtop Immunoassay System

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The Biokit Bio-Flash 3710-0344 Benchtop Immunoassay system is a fully automated benchtop chemiluminescent analyzer that increases workflow efficiencies and reduces hands-on instrument operation time. It minimizes isotype batching and reagent waste with stable onboard reagents that allow for samples to run as they arrive. The Bio-Flash processes all isotypes and assays on a single sample and delivers results in as few as 30 minutes with a maximum throughput of 450 results in a single shift.

It also contains stable calibration curves to efficiently perform the most specialized assays and reduce test send-outs. Additionally, the automated chemiluminescent technology boosts accuracy and sensitivity through automatic reflex testing and results validation. Each assay is pre-calibrated to produce exact results and standardization.

The Biokit Bio-Flash 3710-0344 Benchtop Immunoassay system ensures reliability and quality control through automatic reflex testing and results validation.

Operational mode: random access and continuous load with priority STAT handling
Maximum reagents: 20 packs
Maximum throughput: 450 results
Minimum run-time: 30 minutes
Dimensions: 21.3″ W x 34.3″ D x 24.5″ H
Weight: 170 lbs

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes computer, software, and accessories as pictured.

Components Included

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