Used Nikon Eclipse TE2000-U Imaging System

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This is an Integrated Live Cell Imaging System for investigators who wish to study cells over time, taking Phase Contrast and Fluorescent images at time intervals automatically and at multiple locations as controlled by Image Analysis software. The Precision Motorized Scanning Stage, Shutters, Filter Changers and Cooled Digital CCD Cameras afford total control to automate time lapse studies and minimize cell exposure to Fluorescence. The Enclosed Temperature Control Chamber allows you to collect this data over extended periods of time maintaining cell viability and eliminating Focus Instabilities caused by temperature fluctuations. These are both key requirements for successful Live Cell Imaging. This system can be a very valuable asset for almost any Cell Biology Laboratory at a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Item-Specific Notes:
Nikon TE2000U Large Inverted Research Microscope Stand

Side Camera Port with C Mount

T-FL Epi FL Attachment

HBO100W Mercury Lamphouse and Power Supply

Manual Fluorescence Filter Turret

89014 ET D/F/TR Reflector Cube

9632M TRITC HQ Filter set in cube

9632OM FITC HQ filter set in cube

3100 Dapi filter set in cube

Nikon System Turret Condenser with 0.52NA Lens

12V, 100W Halogen Light Source

Plan Fluar 4X/0.13 PHL DL Objective

Plan Fluar 10X/0.30 PH1 DL Objective

ELWD Plan Fluar 20X/0.45 Corr. DIC L Objective

ELWD Plan Fluar 40X/ 0.60 Corr. PH2 DM Objective

Nikon PE2-PS100W Power Supply

ASI Large Motorized Precision Scanning Stage

ASI Motorized Focus drive

ASI X,Y,Z Controller MS-2000 with Joystick

Sutter Lambda 10-3 Shutter/Filter Wheel Controller

Sutter LB10W-3541 Motorized Filter Wheel

Sutter LB10W-3530 Motorized Filter Wheel and Shutter

Photometrics CoolSnap Cooled CCD Camera

Life Imaging Services “The Cube” controller and Environmental Chamber

Dell Optiplex Computer

Dell Monitor

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2030834DellOptiplex GX520Computer / ITComputer
2030835DellUltrasharp MonitorComputer / ITMonitor
2030836NikonTE2-PS100WMicroscopyPower Supply
2030837Boyce Scientific, Inc.M-100 Power SupplyMicroscopyPower Supply
2030838Applied ScientificMS-2000 Controller MS-XYB-ZsR-TE2000MicroscopyController
2030839Sutter Instrument CompanyLB10-3MicroscopyAccessory
2030840Life Imaging ServicesThe Box Custom EnclosureMicroscopyAccessory
2030841Life Imaging ServicesThe Cube Model: CB01A115MicroscopyAccessory