Used Hamilton microLAB Nimbus 96

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The Hamilton Microlab NIMBUS96 is a 96-well automated liquid handling system. Its sleek design fits comfortably on benchtops and in some fume hoods for the small-scale lab working in a tight space. However, the reduced footprint does not impede the NIMBUS96’s speed due to its high-capacity dispensing head and powerful INSTINCT and VENUS software. The software offers three-dimensional workspace visualization and a comprehensive labware library for easy set-up and rearrangement as well as intuitive operation monitoring capabilities.

The intelligent dispense head utilizes Capacitance-based Liquid Level Detection (CLLD) and a compressed O-ring expansion mechanism to ensure accurate and clean dispensing with minimal mechanical stress. Also, you can customize the layout of the deck with optional modules such as a gripper arm, barcode reader, and vacuum station to meet the needs of your research.

Dispense volume: 1- 1000 microliters
Dimensions: 30” h x 36.5” l x 20” w

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