Used Varian 400 MHz NMR system with Unshielded Oxford Magnet

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This Shielded Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) system is comprised of a Varian Mercury 400 mHz console, Varian SMS autosampler and Oxford NMR AS400 Actively Shielded magnet.

The Varian Mercury console is a two-channel superconducting NMR Spectrometer that is capable of producing very high-resolution data. The Solaris 9 software helps to make the mercury system easy to use and approachable for operation in a wide variety of laboratories. Having led the charge for years in NMR spectroscopy, Varian has catapulted the reputation of the Mercury system. Direct and indirect detection analysis of liquid and solid samples are achievable via this powerful system. The Varian Mercury NMR console continues to please by being able to oblige the industry demand for an economically sound and powerful NMR spectrometer for analysis and scientific research.

The Varian Sample Management System (SMS) autosampler is a robotic accessory, operated electromechanically, designed to insert and retrieve samples from the bore of the magnet automatically. Equipped with 2 trays and tube holders, the autosampler can potentially handle from 1 to 100 samples and has been optimized for fully automatic, unattended operation. Approximate time between sample changes is near 35 seconds for a complete cycle – from retrieving sample from the magnet to locating, picking up and delivering the next sample to the magnet.

The Oxford AS400 actively shielded magnet is a low field magnet with operating frequencies to 400 MHz. Engineered to have extremely low B0 drift and marvelous field homogeneity, the Oxford AS400 provides superb resolution and non-spinning line shape. The magnet is an integral component of an NMR spectrometer and plays a primary role in the structural analysis and identification of organic molecules.

Some applications include but are not limited to: agricultural chemistry, polymer science, medicine, in-vivo imaging, and chemical research.

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