Used Biotek Instruments 405 Select TS Model: 405TSUVS

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The 405 Select TS is a self-regulating microplate washer featuring multiple automated cleaning and quality assurance functions. Its potent combination of Verify and Ultrasonic Advantage technology assesses and eliminates any manifold tube clogging for consistent cleaning in every well. Also, the on-board computer performs these tasks automatically to minimize hands-on operator time. Additional programs include AutoPrime, buffer selection, customizable washing protocols, and instructional tutorials for new users.

– 96-well and 384-well plates
– 25 – 3000 microliters dispensed in 1 microliter increments
– 1 – 250 wash cycles
– 4 buffers
– Optional vacuum filtration modules
– Optional biomagnetic separation modules

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes bottles as pictured

Sofware Disclaimer

The rights and title to any software included with this equipment is owned by the manufacturers and is non-transferable. Customer is solely responsible for obtaining the requisite software licenses from the equipment manufacturers or qualified agent, and for any related additional costs.

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