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The Olympus BH2 Series are High Quality Instruments which can be configured for a wide variety of applications from Routine to Research. This instrument is configured for Bright Field and Epi-Fluorescence. The condenser will also accommodate Phase Contrast Illumination should you wish to add Phase Objectives. The optional Turret Style Magnification Changer incorporates a Bertand Lens for adjusting Phase rings. It has a very complete set of high quality objective lenses. The fluorescence equipment and HBO 100W Mercury Light Source are functional except that the Excitation Filter Slider/filters and Connecting Lever are missing and not included. As such we are offering this instrument for the price of a bright field only system. Perhaps you might find a used one. If not any job shop should be able to fabricate one. Different filter sets are readily available for the BH2 from a variety of suppliers. This instrument is in very good condition but could use some lubrication. With all of the extra equipment it represents an excellent value.
Item-Specific Notes:
SPlan 4PL 4X/0.13

DPlan 10X/0.25

A20PLL 20X/0.40

DPlan 40/0.65

Plan 100X/1.25 Oil

BH2-RLF 2 Position Vertical Illuminator with 1.25X magnification factor

BH2-CA Magnification Changer (1X, 1.25X and 1.5X) with Built-In Bertand Lens

31004 TRITC/ CY3 Filter Set (less Exciter)

31001 FITC Filter Set (less Exciter)

6V/20W Halogen Illuminator

HBO 100W Mercury Light Source

1.25 NA Phase/ Bright field Turret Condenser

(2) 15X Eyepieces

Excitation Filter Slider, connecting lever and Filters missing and not included

Wooden Box for Accessories, Daylight Conversion and Green Filters plus Metal plug for use when fluorescence filter unit is removed are included.

Components Included:
Item ID: Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2029776 Chiu Techical Corp M-100 Microscopy Illuminator
2029777 Olympus Accessories Microscopy Accessory
Box with manuals, filters, and accessories.