Used Olympus BH2

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The Olympus BH2 Series are high quality instruments which can be configured for a wide variety of applications from routine to research. Viewing modes include bright field, dark field, epi-fluorescence, and phase contrast illumination. With myriad configurations and optional parts, the BH2 series fulfills numerous purposes and can be customized specifically for your laboratory’s needs.

Item-Specific Notes:

SPlan 4PL 4X/0.13
DPlan 10X/0.25
A20PLL 20X/0.40
DPlan 40/0.65
Plan 100X/1.25 Oil

Included with this item:

(2) 15X eyepieces
BH2-RLF 2 Position Vertical Illuminator with 1.25X magnification factor
BH2-CA magnification changer (1X, 1.25X and 1.5X) with built-in Bertand lens
31004 TRITC/ CY3 Filter Set (less Exciter)
31001 FITC Filter Set (less Exciter)
6V/20W Halogen illuminator
HBO 100W mercury light source
1.25 NA Phase/ Bright field turret condenser
Accessory box
Daylight conversion filter
Green filter

Not included:

Excitation filter slider

Connecting lever and filters

Components Included

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2029776Chiu Techical CorpM-100MicroscopyIlluminator