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The Bio-Plex 200 System by Bio-Rad is a suspension array instrument. This multiplexed screening platform enables detection and quantification of multiple biomolecules in a single sample volume. It is a flow based system that combines two lasers and digital signal processing (in real time) to identify as many as 100 analytes. The xMAP technology of this unit allows for simultaneously processing of up to 500 different assays for optimal productivity and flexibility, and detection and measurement of biomolecules bound to the surface of fluorescent microspheres delivers accurate analysis, even for samples with volumes as low as 50 ul. An integrated microplate platform enables the automated reading of 96-well plates, providing as many as 9,600 data points with a run time of only 35 minutes.

Flexibility is an essential component of this multiplex reader, emphasized by its ability to accommodate multiple users and its compatibility with both magnetic and nonmagnetic assay types. The Bio-Plex Manager software equips the user with full control of system parameters and makes data acquisition and management practical, offering convenient analysis of results in the form of charting, curve fitting, and statistics reporting without the hassle of importing or exporting files.

Specifications for this instrument include a reporter laser with a wavelength of 532 nm,>10 mW, frequency-doubled diode, 30 um x 60 um elliptical beam, and a classification laser with a wavelength of 635 nm, 10 mW, diode, 30 um x 60 um elliptical beam. With its versatility and efficiency, this platform is ideal for quantitative analysis of assays ranging from cell biology and immunoassays to genetic and enzymatic assays.

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