Used Beckman Coulter GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System

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The Beckman Coulter GenomeLab GeXP is a two-step, multiplex PCR genetic sequencer for high-throughput gene expression profiling. It can hold two 96-well plates and analyze 30 genes per sample, resulting in a maximum throughput of 192 samples and 5760 data points per 24 hours. It requires only 5-50 ng of total RNA per sample, saving your lab from using unnecessary reagent, yet still produces high-quality and accurate data.

Further specifications:

– SNP scoring, Microsatellite Instability (STR), MLPA, MLVA, LOH, AFLP fingerprinting

– coated eight-capillary array

– four-wavelength laser-induced fluorescence detection

– excitation two-diode lasers

– automatic gel replenishment

– integrated barcode reader

Manufacturer dimensions: 37” h x 24” w x 26” d

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