Used Thermo Fisher Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X1R

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The Thermo Fisher Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X1R is a high-performance benchtop centrifuge with multiple automatic and customizable settings for fast and easy use. The user-friendly control panel sets the parameters for speed, RCF value, accelerating and braking curves, and run time at any point during the run. Also, its intelligent microprocessor controls such as automatic rotor identification, imbalance detection, and lid-positioning recognition ensure safe operation. Its construction consists of steel housing and rotor chamber as well as a brushless induction motor for low maintenance and longevity.

Maximum speed: 15,200 rpm (25,380 x g)
Minimum speed: 300 rpm
Compatible rotors: TX-400, TX-200, various FIBERlite series rotors
Cooling system: refrigeration
Temperature range: -10 to 40 degrees Celsius

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With minor cosmetics damages.