Used Invitrogen Xcell4 Sure Lock Midi-Cell

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Invitrogen Model Xcell4 SureLock Midi-Cell Electrophoresis System

– Midi-Cell consists of a Lower Buffer Chamber, two Buffer Cores, Buffer Dam, Displacement Dam, and a lid with cables

– Electrophoresis of proteins on midi-gels in the XCell4 SureLock Midi-Cell is performed after assembling each Buffer Core with 2 midigels or a Buffer Core with a midi-gel and a Buffer Dam

– The Buffer Core/gel assembly is inserted into the Lower Buffer Chamber and is sealed using a positive locking mechanism that seals the Buffer Core/gel assembly firmly into position and ensures leak-free electrophoresis

– The Buffer Core/gel assembly creates separate upper buffer chambers for each gel and a common lower buffer chamber shared by all gels


– User-friendly design without any clamps or grease for leak-free

– Single orientation lid to prevent incorrect connection to the electrodes

– Flexibility to perform electrophoresis of 1-4 midi-gels

– Unique, heat-dissipating design of the XCell4 SureLock
Midi-Cell produces consistent results without the need for any cooling device

– Built-in safety features to enhance user safety