Used Labconco Centrivap Concentrator 7970000

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The Labconco CentriVap Concentrator 797000 is a speed vac for the rapid evaporation of DNA sample solvents. It features a large chamber with a DNA rotor that can fit 60 1.5 mL tubes or 72 .5 mL tubes for a high-volume throughput. It’s quiet, brushless motor reaches a speed of 1725 rpm, and its integrated diaphragm pump attains a maximum vacuum of 29.6” Hg and a pumping capacity of 34 L/min.

The CentriVap Concentrator makes operation even faster with a single-button Quick-Start operating system for setting preheating and run time parameters. The 300 watt heater can generate heat from 0-100 degrees Celsius, and run time can range from 1 to 999 minutes. It can store up to 9 user-defined programs in its memory, and 3 of them can be set on “speed dial” for quick access.

Its overall dimensions with a closed lid measure 13.75” w x 26.1” d x 11.2” h. Optional accessories include a glass lid and a CentriZap strobe light.